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Yacht Service
Cala Gonone
First Class Service

About us

Since 2011, the Cala Gonone Yacht Service it's the reference point for nautical services in the Gulf of Orosei.

We provide assistance to boats that pass or decide to stop in the waters of Cala Gonone. Our capillarity in the territory allows us to satisfy various needs allowing you to fully enjoy our territory, that is one of the most beautiful natural heritage in the world.

Port Services
Yacht Service

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Berth in port

The mooring service in the Port of Cala Gonone is guaranteed by Yacht Service Cala Gonone, the contractor company for dockside jobs.

The maximum length of the boats mooring at the Port of Cala Gonone must be 35 meters f.t. with draft up to 4.5 meters.

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Anchor at roads

The scenery of Cala Gonone south coast is made unique by the presence of calcareous heels and ramparts overlooking the coast, interrupted with small bays of rare beauty. This corner of Sardinia is ideal for resting at anchor when the weather conditions are favourable.
The Gulf of Orosei is protected to the north by Punta Nera and to the south by Capo Monte Santo. The prevailing winds are the mistral, also present with strong gusts, the sirocco and the grecale, which create wave motion under the coast.
The Cala Gonone Yacht Service guarantees the best assistance during your stay in the Gulf of Orosei with technical, logistical and regulatory support on the marine area that falls under the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Dorgali and Baunei.

Logistical Support


Hull inspection and cleaning,maintenance and installation of floating piers and buoy fields.


Assistance and repairs on shaft lines, outboard motors, floating propellers change.
Electrical and mechanical interventions on board with qualified personnel.
Complete technical and IT assistance.
Coordination of mechanical interventions and supply of spare parts of the best brands for engine, hull and equipment.


Land transport service from / to Sardinian ports and airports.


Available on request shuttle service to the Marina of Cala Gonone or places of interest in the Gulf of Orosei (Bue Marino caves and Fico cave)

Itineraries and Booking

Booking in the best accommodation facilities of Cala Gonone. Itinerary planning in Sardinia and guided tours in the Gulf of Orosei and in the Supramonte.
Click here for more info.

Radio Assistance

Assistance by radio (VHF CH-16) in Italian and English language arriving to Cala Gonone, providing all the necessary informations to guarantee a safe and secure arrival.

Laundry Service

Laundry service,collection and quick delivery.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning service on board


Exhausted oils, dead batteries and waste collection following current rules

Food and Beverage

The markets are near the port (10 minutes by foot). On-site grocery shopping service available. On request, supply of bio products grown by local farmers or supply of local and international wines.


Typical Sardinian cuisine on board with our catering service or with one of our chefs.

Meteo Assistance

Meteorogical assistance in Italian and English language

Exclusive Services

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Relaxing event

The small bays of the Gulf of Orosei are an unique naturalistic paradise, reachable only by sea or with challenging treks. The Cala Gonone Yacht Service enhances your excursion with many services that will make your day even more exclusive.

  • Beach accommodation
  • Private comfort area set up with gazebos, deckchairs and umbrellas
  • Catering Service

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Romantic evening

A table set on the bay .. under the stars .. accompanied by the music of the sea. Treat yourself to a unique emotion in the beaches of Cala Luna and Oddoana.

  • Beach accomodation
  • Catering service
  • Evening transport to the beach
  • Self service dinner or with staff available
  • Return to port
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Sardinian Gourmet

Handicraft, agriculture and pastoralism have always been the strengths of Dorgali economy. The Oddoene valley represents the union between these realities. What we propose is a tour of local wines, cheeses and olive oil accompanied by an expert gourmet guide who will lead you to discover the streets of Cannonau, Carasau bread and the best Sardinian gastronomy.

  • Food and wine tour
  • Chef on board
  • Lunch with the shepherd

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Adventure Day

Discover the routes of Supramonte by spending a day in the most authentic Sardinia. The mule tracks between sinkholes and canyons will take you to the routes of Sardinian shepherds. Approaches are made by jeep and trekking. The difficulties are variable and proportional to the beauty of the scenarios you will be facing.

  • Rental of quads, shuttles and off-road vehicles
  • Expert hiking guides

Booking service

The best accommodations and restaurants selected for you by our staff.

Contact us to book your stay

Cala Gonone Excursions

Transfer and excursions with driver to the beaches on the Gulf of Orosei with departure
from the Port of Cala Gonone

Contact us

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Useful Numbers
Cala Gonone Coast Guard

Office: Cala Gonone
Region: Sardinia
Headquarters: Olbia Coast Guard
Chief: 1°M.llo NP MURA Massimiliano
Address: Piazzale del porto - 08022 Cala Gonone (NU)
Phone: 0784/93261 - 0789/563654
Fax: 0784/93261
EMC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 4pm

Emergency medical Services

Viale Kennedy, Dorgali
0784 96521

Touristic Emergency medical Service
Viale Bue Marino, Cala Gonone
0784 93405
July and August

Doctor Fronteddu Mario
Via dell'Acquario, Cala Gonone
0784 93280

Banks and Post Offices

Banco di Sardegna
Corso Umberto 50, Dorgali
0784 95332

Banca Intesa San Paolo
Via Lamarmora 34, Dorgali
0784 928070

Poste Italiane
Via Francesco Ciusa 1, Dorgali
0784 94849

Poste Italiane
Via Cala Luna 3, Cala Gonone
0784 93278


Cala Luna pharmacy
Viale Colombo 36, Cala Gonone
0784 93343

Mura pharmacy
Via Lamarmora 55, Dorgali
0784 96092

Fancello pharmacy
Corso Umberto 13, Dorgali
0784 96101

Meteorogical service - WINDS
Meteorogical service - WAVES

Yacht Service Cala Gonone

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  • 40°16’,81 N 009°38’,36 E

  • Radio: VHF CH16

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